Best Time to Workout for Muscle Growth?

This is one of the most frequently asked yet most intricate questions asked by people ready to embark on their bodybuilding journey.

Of course, it is frequently asked because they want to produce the best out of their trainings.

workout for muscle growth

It is intricate because it brings out different opinions and different views of people having know-how about the field.

In simple word- the answer to this question is debatable and not definite till date.

Yet, people want an answer and so do you- aren’t you?


Regardless of the time, consistency is the key!

This is perhaps we have always heard and believed about trainings.

But surprisingly, science seems to partially admit this general belief.

According to which, choosing the time in a day to train your muscles with weight do has a connection with the level of mass you will be adding.


Previously, it was believed that workout done right after you leave bed in the morning was favorable for hypertrophy.

The concept was supported by the belief that the concentration of growth hormones produced by our body escalates while the body is at rest.

And hence, training your muscles with weight minutes after waking up would allow you to make the best use of growth hormone.

The belief was heavily accepted by bodybuilders who would wake up early to do nothing but train themselves hard the first thing in the morning.

Technically, there was nothing wrong with the idea but the approach was definitely not the perfect.

Understandably, it would leave bodybuilders exhausted and short of energy to deal with weight, comparatively when they were fed with a meal or two.


Later on, a new concept came forward which proposed the ideal time of weight trainings anytime nearer to afternoon.

Seemingly, this was the time when the bodybuilders would have consumed adequate meals and were up with the energy needed ahead.

Of course, the body takes an expected amount of time to process carbohydrates and generate glycogen which is majorly required by muscles to keep moving in the gym.

Then there is another process that involves amino acids reflux which occurs when you feed yourself with protein.

While all these processes have taken place and the body has managed to gather enough energy for itself, this was the time to make your way to the gym- reasoned the idea.

Interestingly, it is essential to note that the concentration of growth hormone balances till then, yet, bodybuilders could favor from insulin manipulation before starting and after being done with their trainings.

Now you must know how an increase in insulin favors bodybuilders.

Basically, it encourages the amino acids to penetrate into the muscles and create an anabolic state wherein the muscles can grow and develop more efficiently.

Considering the entire situation and how well it can benefit mass gainers, any sensible mind would regard it the best.

Yet, things are not as perfect as they appear.

Hardly few of the trainers can commit to a time like this.

Others may be busy with their professional commitments or their personal responsibilities at this prime slot.

Hence, the idea is only viable for the full-time or pro bodybuilders and not most of the general ones.


So what is the exact time that is feasible for everyone yet optimal for muscle growth?

Well, it’s the time when the gym is highly occupied with crowd- that is the early evening slot.

Science says that our body is designed in a very systematic manner.

It follows the circadian rhythm that controls a plethora of systems in our body like the secretion of hormone, body temperature and cell regeneration- to count a few.

Essentially, all these activities controlled by our ‘internal clock’ take place in a time span of 24 hours.

Now to understand the best time for you to train your muscles, you need to understand this mechanism first.

For example, the circadian rhythm tends to be the most active during early evening hours.

This means that your body is more likely to respond to trainings aimed for your respective goals.

So if you are focusing more on the fat loss exercises, you will get an edge at this time because your body’s core temperature will be more intense than at any other time.

And not only this, other activities tend to run at their highest pace too.

Besides, there are also improvements in the blood circulation and so in the supply of oxygen, which puts you in a best possible position to train your muscles and enjoy the best outcomes in turn.


These are the three most common times bodybuilders train at.

Each of these is supported by proper reasoning, biological responses and drawbacks.

Now it’s ultimately your call, a decision you need to make after understanding your body’s dynamic and determining your body’s ultimate response. 

Of course, be consistent for this is something that will always work, but make sure you choose to act smart with the timings so that you can make the best out of your workouts!

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